Getting car insurance with a DUI.

In New Jersey, as with most states, getting a DUI can cost you alot of money and embarrassment.

So you have dealt with your license suspension, paying your fines, paying an attorney and all of the other hardships that a DUI or refusal to test bring.

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Then it is time to get back on the road driving a car again.  When you try and get auto insurance rates you find out that the pains of the DUI are still around in the form of insurance points.  These points, (NOT DMV/MVC POINTS) are called Insurance Eligibility points and are assessed by insurance companies.  A DUI or Refusal will carry 9 Insurance Points for 3 years from the posting/conviction date typically settled in court.

So now you find that the $800.00 car insurance policy now costs around $1,600.00.

To get affordable insurance you may need help from insurance brokers/agents that are experienced in dealing with your situation on a daily basis.